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Growing concern over clean air has spurred state governments to impose vehicle emission checks. Some states require mandatory emissions testing, while others don't require them at all If your state does require a smog and emission check.

Smog Check Law                             

The State of California implemented the smog check program in 1984. The scope of the program is to reduce pollution of motor vehicles by ensuring the vehicles are repaired correctly and in accordance with state and federal guidelines. Currently gasoline vehicles that are 1975 and newer are required to obtain a smog check every other year(Biannual), with some exceptions. Additionally, diesel powered vehicles 1998 and newer are required to obtain a smog check on a biannual basis, as well.


Vehicles Subject to Smog  Testing           

Many motorists are constantly questioning if their vehicle is subject to smog testing. The Smog Stop is going to provide you with a comprehensive dialogue regarding which vehicles require a smog check and exemptions that apply to the vehicles. After all the motorist just wants to obtain their vehicle registration from the California DMV. Most motorist view the smog check as a road block to achieving their car registration. After reviewing the smog stops authoritative post you will have no more questions regarding which vehicle is required to obtain a smog check.

Smog Check Exemption

Test Only Vs Star Certified               

The smog check program is an ever evolving program that is constantly undergoing change. Within the last 5 years the program has made many changes that directly impacts the consume. You many notice when you pay your DMV vehicle registration that it states "Smog Check from Test Only Station". The issue is as of 2013 this is no longer correct. In 2013 the law was changed and brought about a new name to the smog check program, "Star Station". A star certified smog check station can certify all cars and took the place of the "Test Only" station.

Star Certified Smog Check

How to Pass Smog Check               

How to pass a smog check is a question that is posed every single day and actually has many answers, depending on the condition of the vehicles emission systems. The Smog Stop wants your car to pass a smog check inspection and offers great advice when it comes to how to pass a smog inspection. Cheating the smog check is actually more difficult sometimes than actually passing the smog inspection. If you want great advice on how to pass a smog check, stop by the The Smog Stop and our technicians will give you advice that others will not.

How To Pass the Smog Check

Top Reasons for Failed Smog       

Knowing the top reasons for failing a smog check inspection is key to passing a smog check inspection. We have performed thousands of smog checks and we want to provide the motorist with the information they need to pass the smog check the first time. We are not the smog check station that just wants to take your money. The Smog Stop wants to pass your car so you can get your vehicle registration on time from the California DMV.

Failed Smog Check

Out of State Vehicles

So you are or have moved to the great State of California and you are anxious about making sure that your vehicle passes the smog check inspection. The Smog Stop has you covered and will help ease your anxiety when it comes to any fears you may have regarding the California Smog Check program. Our experience will demonstrate that the pass rate for an out of state vehicle is actually very high for non residents moving to California.