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How to Register Salvage Vehicle

Registering a salvage vehicle can be an overwhelming task that many motorists eventually give up on. The Smog Stop is the authority on salvage vehicles and has helped thousands of of people get their salvaged car registered with the DMV. Do not waste hours of time at the DMV trying to register your salvage vehicle. The Smog Stop performs all of the inspections you need to register a salvage vehicle. We will advise you on all the policies and procedures that apply so you can obtain your vehicle registration hassle free.


Salvage Vehicle Inspection

Many motorist when they present their registration to the DMV, find out they need perform some inspections in order to complete their vehicle registration. They might not know their car has even been salvaged. Insurance companies are famous for not informing their customers properly after they have been in an accident. The frustration that can come from trying to clear a salvage title canbe quite high. The Smog Stop will do everything in out power to ensure you pass the salvage vehicle inspection the first time. The Smog Stop wants you to be informed and make the right decision the first time. We strive to save our cusotmers money by providing you with high quality information regarding salvage vehicles.


Salvage Vehicle VIN Verification

Every salvaged vehicle requires a VIN Verification in order to clear a salvage title. The VIN Verification is often an easy inspection to pass. Except when you are dealing with the California DMV. The Department of Motor Vehicles is the ultimate road block to completing the simplest tasks. The Smog Stop will do everything in our power to move the road block(DMV) and help you obtain your vehicle registration on your salvage vehicle.


Why does a vehicle have a salvage title?

Just finding out your vehicle is salvaged and do not understand why? The Smog Stop has taken the time to outline why your vehicle is salvaged so you are not confused about the situation. All to often we help customers that have no idea why their vehicle is salvaged. The insurance companies have a calculation which compares the cost to repair vs. value of the car. This often leads to your car being salvaged for very little damage.


Salvage Certificate and Salvage Title Information

The difference between a salvage certificate and a salvage title are significant. You must know the difference between each of them if you are in the market to buy a salvaged car. You could find yourself paying for repairs that you were unaware of if your purchase a vehicle with a salvage certificate. The Smog Stop wants you to be informed before you purchase a salvage vehicle. Arming yourself with the right information, makes you a powerful buyer.


CHP Salvage Vehicle Inspection                        

If you vehicle has been determined to be a total loss by your insurance company, there is a chance that the California Highway Patrol may have to inspect your vehicle. The Smog Stop will advise you on how not to end up with a CHP referral. We will make every effort to ensure your salvaged vehicle passes the VIN Verification at the DMV, the first time. If your car does need to undergo additional inspection by CHP, we will help prepare you for the inspection and assist you with setting up an appointment with the California Highway Patrol.