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The Smog Stop is ASE Certified to repair your Ford Powerstroke, Chevy Duramax, or Dodge Cummins Engine

Diesel Smog Check Program                       

The diesel engine smog check is a fairly new part of the California Smog Check Program. In recent years the State of California has determined that particulate matter is a severe danger to human health. Diesel engines share a large part of the responsibility for the particulate matter. California adopted policy to help reduce particulate matter and the diesel smog check inspection was born out of this policy. The Bureau of Automotive Repair is responsible for implementing and monitoring the diesel smog check program.


Diesel Smog Check Procedures

The procedures for performing a smog check on diesel engine vehicle are very similar as to the procedures on a gasoline engine. The main difference is that all diesels are tested on the BAR OIS machine and do not undergo emission sampling of the tail pipe. A visual, smoke, and OBD test are performed in order to ensure your diesel is emission compliant during the smog check inspection. The Smog Stop will cover the diesel smog check inspection procedures in depth to you are informed when it comes time for you to obtain your diesel smog check.


Diesel Repair                                    

The Smog Stop has extensive diesel experience and we are ASE certified to repair your diesel engine vehicle. Most automotive repair shops do not repair diesel engine vehicles as they have no experience. Do not get caught up with a shop who does not have diesel engine experience. We promise you this can be a costly mistake. Diesel engine parts are very expensive and if you change the wrong part, this could cost you thousands of dollars. Leave it to the professionals at The Smog Stop. We diagnose your diesel engine vehicle right, the first time.


Ford Power Stroke Ford 6.0/6.4/6/7.3 Repair

Do you have a Ford Powerstroke diesel that is in need of repair. The Smog Stop is your Ford diesel engine expert. The best part is we do not break the bank. Our years of diesel diagnostics identify your problem the first time, every time. Our diesel engine expert is sought after in San Diego and is highly renowned. We have factory software and we are able to repair your diesel car or truck, without a doubt. We have extensive 7.3, 6.0, 6.4, and 6.7 experience. The best part we are half the price of almost everyone out there.


Dodge Cummins 5.9/6.7 Repair                                    

Tired of dealing with Cummins or Dodge when it comes to repairing your diesel pickup truck. If you are not, then you are the only one. We have repaired countless vehicles for a fraction of the cost than the dealer. Most often the dealer diagnostics are wrong. They follow a step by step diagnostic chart and charge you for every task. Then they tell you it will be $6k to repair your truck. When you look at the estimate it has every part in the entire system listed as needing replaced. They are wrong! Call The Smog Stop and we can inform you correctly.


Chevy Duramax 6.6 Repair                                    

Chevrolet's 4x4 pickup trucks, including heavy duty and diesel work trucks, are equipped with strength, towing, payload, and torque backed up by V8 engines.