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Smog Check Diagnostics
Diagnosing A Failed Smog Check

Diagnosing a failed smog check can does not have to be a guessing game. Diagnosing a vehicle is much like visiting a doctors office. Having the essential tools is a must when trying to diagnose a vehicles emissions systems. Today’s vehicles are extremely complicate and the diagnostic equipment to repair them is very expensive. If you are the do it yourself type of person, the days of diagnosing your vehicle are long gone. The Smog Stop can diagnose your vehicle for about $85.00 and then we leave it up to the customer to make a decision on the repair process. The customer can either choose to make the repair themselves or have on of our Star Smog Certified Repair Technicians make the repair for them. Often times, we have found that we can repair the vehicle in much less time than the average customer because we have the proper tools to ensure the repair is properly completed.

How to Diagnose A Vehicle that failed a smog check

  1. The very first thing a customer should do when they are told their vehicle will not pass smog check is to ensure a proper smog check has been completed. You may be asking your self why is this the first thing I should do? The reason why is many people have their vehicle repaired prematurely, just to find out their vehicle fails the smog check for a completely different reason. On many occasions the apparent problem is a result of an underlying cause. No mater what smog shop is inspecting your car make sure you leave with a vehicle inspection report, whether pass or fail.
  2. Now that you have a failed smog check inspection report in your hand, verify the reasons for failure. If you are unsure ask the smog shop who is inspecting your vehicle any questions to ensure that you understand the reason for failure. We have witnessed vehicles that have failed a smog check that should have passed. if you feel the reason is your vehicle failed the smog check is questionable, obtain a second opinion. Bring your failed smog check report by The Smog Stop and we will be more than happy to give you our opinion.
  3. The failed smog check report most often indicated the system that is failing, but will not lead the technician to the root cause of failure. This is where having a proper diagnostic performed comes in to play. A trained and certified technician should perform the proper diagnostic steps to establish the root cause of the problem. A trained smog technician should never guess and the right part should be changed the first time. This is extremely important because repairs cost money and you do not want to waste your hard earned dollars on improper repairs.
  4. Repairing your vehicle once the diagnosis has been completed comes with a choice. You can choose to repair the vehicle yourself or select a shop to repair your vehicle. If you choose to repair the vehicle yourself , you will need to take in to account the cost of any special tools that may be required. This alone can lead to costs that would exceed the repair at a star certified smog test and repair facility.Furthermore, some components required special programming in order for the vehicle to operate correctly after the repair has been completed. A certified smog repair facility is required to have advanced smog diagnostic tools in order to perform this function. There are automotive repair shops on about every corner. It is imperative that you choose a auto repair shop that is certified to test and repair vehicles that failed a smog check. If you have any questions as to the certification of the shop you have chosen, you can verify their license status with the Bureau Of Automotive Repair by clicking here.